Emily Glazer (emilyglazer “at” is a fourth-year physics major and CalTeach minor. She currently does innovative condensed matter and materials science research in the Zettl group. During downtime throughout the endless flurry of problem sets, Emily enjoys hiking, camping, watching trashy television, and eating tacos and deserts.

Mayia Vranas (mvranas “at” is a fourth-year physics major currently doing groundbreaking research in magnetic materials in the Analytis group. On the very rare occasion that Mayia is spotted outside LeConte Hall, she can be found cooking for her co-op, watching Netflix, and baking.

Together they are our quasi-benevolent sovereigns. Long live the queens.


Nicholas Rui (nrui “at” is a third-year physics and astrophysics major. He currently investigates star clusters in the Lu group as well as nanoscale sensing in the Yao group. When not plotting world domination, Nicholas can be found sheepishly singing pop songs, playing the ukulele, and dropping factors of 2π. (site)

Richard Pan (rpanman “at” is a third-year physics and astrophysics major. Before the Great Exodus in astronomy, Richard used to do observational research and data modelling in spectroscopy. This meant staying up at night to observe stars and galaxies. He even had the opportunity to take a wonderful trip to Hawaii to do observations. During his free time he plays video games (League, CSGO, MS2, anything and everything), dances, and cooks.

This dynamic duo forms the firm right-hand of the club. Two right hands to go along with two left feet.


Youqi Song ( “at” is a third-year physics major currently doing pioneering high-energy physics research in the Jacak group. This studious academic takes time off from physics by doing math or making frequent visits to boba shops.

Yasmeen Musthafa (yasmeenm “at” is a fourth-year physics major doing experimental condensed matter research in the Zettl group. She’s interested in data science, STEM diversity, and physics memes. When she’s not in the SPS room, you can find her teaching a sociology class on identity and intersectionality, or taking random engineering courses in a last-ditch attempt to gain marketable skills before graduation.

The true brains of the operation. Widely reputed for being able to take pencil to paper and pedal to the metal.


Samuel Chaim-Weismann (sam.weismann “at” is a third-year engineering physics major. Though he is not an actual physics student, Sam enjoys suffering through physics classes and counting money. Sam’s hobbies include baking, not spending money, and bothering his co-treasurer who actually wrote this description for him.

Riya Shah (riyashah “at” is a third-year astrophysics major with a keen interest in stars. She is currently doing research on starspots with Professor Gibor Basri. In her time off (which she has none of but seems to create out of thin air), she plays video games (especially Smash Ultimate), participates in srat life, and indulges in her favorite seasonal chocolate (Terry’s Chocolate Oranges).

You can count on these two to give their two cents at any cost. Especially Sam.


Rahul Sahay (rsahay “at” is a second-year physics and mathematics major. He is currently working in Kam-Biu Luk's neutrino group on detector optimization for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. When this chav isn't fighting the system (working on problem sets), you can find him playing the piano, dropping the word “watermelon” not-so-subtly in conversation, or bothering other people looking for more work.

In the name of education, this brave soul sends emails to people over and over again until they respond. Truly a noble hero.


Andrew Hsu (andrewihsu “at” is a third-year physics and astrophysics major. When not exploring the atmospheres of Neptune and Jupiter, Andrew exercises his “renaissance man” prowess in violin, piano, and tennis. (site)

With his technical expertise, he will make UCB SPS a Fortune 500 company one day. But that can wait until after this midterm.

Faculty-Student Lunches

Erika Hathaway (erika.hathaway “at” is a second-year physics and applied math major. Make sure to say “hi” when you see her ☺. When she’s not busy trying to take over the world, she enjoys collecting gems and minerals, playing piano, and watching Gordon Ramsay shows.

Ivan Chernyshev (ivan_chernyshev “at” is a third-year physics major currently studying quark-gluon plasma in the Jacak group. When briefly liberated from his problem sets or obligations as a faculty-student lunch coordinator, Ivan enjoys playing reading, hiking, and playing a mean game of chess.

Certifiably the diplomats of SPS—wars have been waged and fought over the last slice of pizza.


Ethan Yeh (ethan.yc.yeh “at” is a second-year physics and computer science major. In his free time, he can be found either honing his athletic skill in badminton or cognitive skill in Go.

Before you can fill your brain, you must first fill your stomach. The only person in miles who can competently do tech support on a grill.


Aini Xu (aini.xu “at” is a fourth-year physics major and computer science minor, carefully soul-searching for the best next path to take in the journey of life. Aini’s unprecedented pastimes include such remarkable activities as watching movies, eating food, having good handwriting, and failing to multitask.

Guillaume Shippee (gshippee “at” is a fourth-year physics and astrophysics major currently doing research on fast radio bursts. When not fast radio bursting, Guillaume enjoys swimming, anime, piano, and board games. An itinerant soul trekking the hills and valleys of Europe and Asia, Guillaume is SPS’s own “Mr. Worldwide.”

Talented and tenacious individual, these are. Some might even call them magnificent.