Nicholas Rui (nrui “at” is a fourth-year physics and astrophysics major. He is broadly interested in the dynamical structure and evolution of star clusters, as well as nanoscale sensing using solid-state defects. When not plotting world domination, Nicholas can be found sheepishly singing pop songs, playing the ukulele, and dropping factors of 2π. (site)

Long live the king.


Rahul Sahay (rsahay “at” is a third-year physics major and math major. The rest of this bio is left as an exercise to the reader!

Erika Hathaway (erika.hathaway “at” is a third-year physics and applied math major. Make sure to say “hi” when you see her ☺. When she’s not busy trying to take over the world, she enjoys collecting gems and minerals, playing piano, and watching Gordon Ramsay shows.

This dynamic duo forms the firm right-hand of the club. Two right hands to go along with two left feet.


Hi! My name is Aini Xu (aini.xu “at” and this is my last semester at Cal as a physics/CS major. I currently work in AMO research (Atomic, Molecular, and Optics) and create a lot of simulations. Some fun facts about me: I love cats, nap way too much, have a really low tolerance for spicy food, and suck at multitasking.

Eden McEwen (emcewen “at” is a third year computer science and physics double major, who somehow wandered into instrumentation astronomy research. A houseplant hoarder and 10pm baker, she enjoys showing up at random conferences, being a CS Mentor, and photography.

The true brains of the operation. Widely reputed for being able to take pencil to paper and pedal to the metal.


Samuel Chaim-Weismann (sam.weismann “at” is a fourth-year engineering physics major. Though he is not an actual physics student, Sam enjoys suffering through physics classes and counting money. Sam’s hobbies include baking, not spending money, and bothering his co-treasurer who actually wrote this description for him.

You can count on Sam to give his two cents at any cost.


Charlie Cummings (charlie.cummings “at” is a third year physics and math major who, despite consistently being told by others he is from San Diego, is actually from Tennessee. He is currently working in a lab attempting to constrain supersymmetric extensions of the standard model, which means he is now an expert at banging vacuum tubes with a wrench, crying when the apparatus doesn't work. If you're still reading this, congrats on your dedication, and feel free to email him with any more questions, SPS, his experience in the department/Cal, why Vsauce is the best, or anything else at all.

In the name of education, this brave soul sends emails to people over and over again until they respond. Truly a noble hero.


Ethan Yeh (ethan.yc.yeh “at” is a third-year physics and computer science major. In his free time, he likes to play badminton, read, and try not to burn down the house cooking.

With his technical expertise, he will make UCB SPS a Fortune 500 company one day. But that can wait until after this midterm.

Faculty-Student Lunches

Arani Acharya (arani.acharya “at” is a senior doing research in Solid State Physics with the Birgeneau group, where I investigate cool quantum materials like High-TC Superconductors and Spin Liquids. I love talking about classic rock and politics, and look forward to organizing interesting FSLs!

Fanghui “Wendy” Wan (wendywan_2022 “at” is a second-year physics major. Barely started doing research in James Analytis lab, she is already overwhelmed by the hard problem(sets) in physics classes. Wendy is nearsighted but reluctant to wear glasses, so make sure to say hi before she sees you in the hall way.

Certifiably the diplomats of SPS—wars have been waged and fought over the last slice of pizza.


Kevin Chang (kev.chang “at” can usually be found behind a camera, jamming in a pit orchestra, or making pretty things in adobe illustrator. otherwise, he's a sophomore studying as hard as he can (despite what his [REDACTED] gpa across 5a and 89 imply 😶).

Kobe Hassenzahl (khassenzahl “at” is is a second year physics major. He enjoys dancing, cooking, and aimlessly wandering the Berkeley campus. If you see him about, feel free to say hello or to strike up a conversation.

Before you can fill your brain, you must first fill your stomach. The only people in miles who can competently do tech support on a grill.


Yonna Kim (yonna.kim56 “at” is a third-year physics major doing research in Adrian Lee’s group on cryogenic testing for telescopes and satellites detecting the cosmic microwave background. When thinking about the possibility of a life outside of physics, she imagines she would enjoy reading books, listening to music, playing video games, watching football (guess which one), hiking, and traveling!

Siddhant Mehrotra (siddhantmehrotra “at” is a third-year engineering physics major. He currently investigates proton light yield in organic scintillators with the Orebi-Gann group and is on the signals & controls team for Berkeley Hyperloop. In the rare moments not in LeConte or setting π equal to 3, he can be found playing board games, messing with circuits, and managing the physics meme page. Notice: When studying in the reading room at the 4 in the morning, Siddhant is easily startled. Please do not tap on the glass.

They can build you up and break you down.


Ivan Chernyshev (ivan_chernyshev “at” is a fourth-year physics major. In the past two years, he has been conducting research in nuclear and particle physics, mostly studying quark-gluon plasma in the Jacak group. He even got to present at a conference in Hawaii back in Fall 2018. When briefly liberated from his problem sets or obligations as snackmaster Ivan enjoys reading, biking, hiking, and playing a mean game of chess.

Producer of happiness. Provider of fulfillment. Purveyor of chicken bakes.

Media Chair

Benjamin Lloyd (benjaminlloyd “at” is a third year physics major and math minor. He currently does research with NV centers in the Yao Group. When not actively suffering from his course load, he can be found still in LeConte, sharing memes, reading comics or running a gardening centered Instagram account with a cult following.

Probably on some governmeme watchlist (among other things ;) ).