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While the Society of Physics Students at Berkeley has been active for decades, it did not take its contemporary structure until its revival in 2013 after a multi-year hiatus. Since then, SPS at Berkeley has represented hundreds of physics and other physical science students.

The SPS officer board is elected every spring, and terms track the UC Berkeley school year (fall, spring). The board comprises a nuclear board mandated by the ASUC (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) as well as an ancillary board with positions which are generally determined by the previous board prior to the election. In practice, many positions have been occupied by multiple officers simultaneously.

Past Boards Post-2013


President: Nicholas Rui

Vice President: Erika Hathaway, Rahul Sahay

Secretary: Aini Xu, Eden McEwen

Treasurer: Sam Weismann

Outreach Coordinator: Charlie Cummings

Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Arani Acharya, Wendy (Fanghui) Wan

Grillmaster: Kevin Chang, Kobe Hassenzahl

Snack Shack Coordinator: Ivan Chernyshev

Webmaster: Ethan Yeh

Projects Chair: Siddhant Mehrotra, Yonna Kim

Media Chair: Benjamin Lloyd


President: Emily Glazer, Mayia Vranas

Vice President: Richard Pan, Nicholas Rui

Secretary: Yasmeen Musthafa, Youqi Song

Treasurer: Riya Shah, Sam Weismann

Outreach Coordinator: Rahul Sahay

Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Erika Hathaway, Ivan Chernyshev

Grillmaster: Ethan Yeh

Webmaster: Andrew Hsu

Projects Chair: Aini Xu, Guillaume Shippee


President: Katie Latimer, Sabrina Berger

Vice President: Emily Glazer, Mayia Vranas

Secretary: Jonathan Jackson, Yasmeen Musthafa

Treasurer: Adrien Stejer

Outreach Coordinator: Nicholas Rui

Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Augustin Rosero, Riya Shah, Sam Weismann

Grillmaster: Richard Pan

Snack Shack Coordinator: Jake Bryon

Webmaster: Andrew Hsu

Historian: Ned Tsui

Transportation Manager: Grant Choi

Projects Chair: Dana Zimmer


President: Joe Costello

Vice President: Mayia Vranas, Sabrina Berger

Secretary: MacCallum Robertson

Treasurer: Stanley Liu

Outreach Coordinator: Emily Glazer, Katie Latimer

Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Cheyenne Nelson, Jonathan Jackson

Grillmaster: Leo Steinmetz

Snack Shack Coordinator: Adam Corbo

Webmaster: Chris Agostino

Projects Chair: Juan Contreras

Technology Chair: Karen Yu


President: Anastasia Bizyaeva

Vice President: Goni Halevy

Secretary: Katya Simpson

Treasurer: MacCallum Robertson

Outreach Coordinator: Katie Latimer

Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Stanley Liu

Grillmaster: Ivan Aguilar

Assistant Grillmaster: Brian Barch

Snack Shack Coordinator: Joe Costello

Webmaster: Chris Agostino

Historian: Cee Gould

Transportation Manager: Leah Tom

Projects Chair: Ben Sheff

Social Chair: Garrow Geer

Blog Writer: Alex Nguyen

COMPASS Liaison: Doris Lee

Biophysics Liaison: Allison Kim


President: William Tokumaru

Vice President: Nat Tantivasadakarn, Anastasia Bizyaeva

Snack Shack Coordinator: Gauri Powale, McCallum Robertson

Note: We are currently searching for records to make this more complete.


President: Rebecca Jolitz

Vice President: William Tokumaru

Secretary: Nat Tantivasadakarn

Treasurer: Daniel Tyrrell

Outreach Coordinator: Justin Baik, MacCallum Robertson

Technology Chair: Chris Agostino, Isaac Domagalski

Activities Chair: Anastasia Bizyaeva, Gauri Powale

Fundraising Chair: Kevin Hayakawa, Leslie Leung

Past Boards Pre-2013

While there is not much publicly available documentation of SPS officer boards pre-revival, some information exists about these boards. Most of this information on pre-revival boards comes from old records of the sps.berkeley.edu website from the WayBackMachine.


President: Moses Chan

Vice President: Bill Kang

Secretary: Allic Sivaramakrishnan

Alexander Jacobsen: Alexander Jacobsen


President: Travis Zack

Vice President: Travis Wright

Secretary: Travis Wong

Alexander Jacobsen: Yury Sobolev

Secretary: Joe Lowney

Consigliere: Sason Torosean

Minister of the Interior: Melissa Panlasigui

Officer Madam: Elizabeth Kremen

Minister of the Interior: Mark Llorente


Big Kahuna: Harold Nguyen

Scruffy Treasure Guardian: Nathan Kamphuis

Tech Tinkerer: Patrick Bennett

Entertainer of the Masses: Vaishali Bhardwaj

Wall Street Watcher: Rachana Shah

Minister of the Interior: Ed Marti

Keeper of the Greek Letters (Sigma Pi Sigma): Mark Llorente

Minister of the Freakin Hot Dog: Gilly Elor

Fall 2015

El Presidente: Lauren Alsberg

Scruffy Treasure Guardian: Yaniv Rosen

Tech Tinkerer: Matt Ferry

Entertainer of the Masses: Kristina Clark

Minister of the Interior: P. Joe Daniels

Keeper of the Greek Letters (Sigma Pi Sigma): Lihong Huang Herman

Spring 2015

Master of the Obvious: Mike Gary

Supreme Executive Dictator of Superfluous and Verbose Designations / Pants: Matt Brunner

Vegan Hippie: Tristan Matthews

Entertainer of the Masses: Lauren Alsberg

Minister of Sustenance Procurement: Apollo Gallardo

Custodian of Monetary Resources: Miriam Graf

Your Company's Computer Guy: Nicholas Hakobian

Washed-up Hack: Brandon Swift

Fall 2014

El Presidente Y Publicidad Y Outreach: Jon Bretan

Finance, Membership, Outreach: Leah Ezzell

Food Manager: Matt Brunner

Computing Resources/WEB-BAD: Nicholas Hakobian, Brandon Swift

Librarian/Historian: Mike Gary

Social Manager: Jenna Kloosterman

Outreach Programs: Tristan Matthews

Spring 2004

Brandon Swift

Leah Ezzell

Nicholas Hakobian

Tom Walker

Jon Bretan

Mike Gary


Adina Honniball

Alex Constantine

Nicholas Hakobian

Brandon Swift

Dana Weinstein

Ashla Singh

Frank Li

Brandon Behring

John Graham

Leah Ezzell

Aiden Craig

Michael Gary

Scott Garrison


President: "Michelle"

Vice President: "Korana"

Getaway Driver: "Lindley"

"Rob" ("He does a poor job of running the web page and keeping the listserve.  Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but he doesn't know what he's doing.")


President: Roberto Barrueto

Vice President and Webmaster: Andrew Franck

Secretary: "Michelle"

Getaway Driver: "Lindley"

Treasurer: "Nish"

"Nick" ("No one knows what Nick does, but when we find out we'll put it here.")