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The Physics department is large and can be difficult to navigate at times. Below are some department contacts, as well as officers of the Society of Physics Students.

Department Contacts

  • Kathy Lee: Undergraduate Adviser for last names A-L []
  • Kathleen Cooney: Undergraduate Adviser for last names M-Z []
  • Claudia Trujillo: Student services []

You can visit them on the third floor of New LeConte, normal business hours M-F (They're on lunch 12-1 PM).

Society of Physics Students Board

Here are the current members of the leadership team at SPS. Please, reach out to us with any questions: even if we don't know, we'll make sure to introduce you to someone that does! Use us as a resource :)



You can bring to us any question or concern related to physics, your life, and the physics community! We're here to support you. Send us an email at

  • Presidents: Erika Hathaway, Rahul Sahay
  • VP: Wendy Wan
  • Secretary: Nicholas Kalem, Jinze Wu
  • Treasury: Shaunak Modak, Max Pan


  • Webmaster: Carter Turnbaugh
  • Grillmaster: Nathan Helvy & Nathaniel Rowe
  • Media Chair: Shishir Dholakia, Benjamin Lloyd


  • Outreach Coordinator: Charlie Cummings
  • Equity & Inclusion Chair: Eden McEwen
  • Faculty-Student Lunch Coordinator: Kobe Hassenzahl, Xuyang Yu
  • Projects Chair: Yonna Kim, Siddhant Mehrotra
  • Competitions Coordinator: Shantanu Kadam, Siddhant Mal

Click here to view SPS Past Boards