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Tired of your endless physics problem sets? No better way to take a break from them than doing more (and “funner”) physics with us! At Projects, we curate interesting and educational adventures that allow you to apply your knowledge beyond solving the clichéd differential equation involving coupled oscillators. Our main project this year is the International Physicists’ Tournament. From building radios out of fruits and vegetables (hypothetically) to approximating the value of eπ with only your good judgment and a sprinkle of luck, you bet we will keep you on your toes.

International Physics Tournament

The International Physicists’ Tournament (IPT) is a physics competition for undergraduate and first- or second-year graduate students from institutions around the world. Participating teams will solve a set of challenging, stimulating physics problems, theoretically as well as experimentally, and prepare to present and defend their findings to opponents and judges. The problems this year include Rail Track Divination (how to use railroad tracks to find the distance/speed of a train), Solar Cell Characterizer (investigate the properties of a light source with solar cells), and Circle Magnet (bending a stack of magnets into a circle without breaking). This year, in April, our team will be representing the US to participate in the Tournament in Lausanne, Switzerland. Wish us luck!

The United States IPT page can be found here, and the main IPT page can be found here.

The Teams

Dr. Hamiltonian and the Quantets

  • Anthony “Dr. Hamiltonian” Khodanian
  • Shantanu Kadam
  • Che Liu
  • Miguel Ceja
  • Paul Lictmachter
  • Guillaume Shippee

Gaussian Seashell

  • Ivan Chernyshev
  • Xuyang Yu
  • Christopher Leong
  • Zeraki-Tobias “Brockton” Stover
  • Xuanchen “Ryan” Jia