Professional Development

Let’s get to work.

In addition to being a social organization, SPS coordinates many professional development events for budding physicists and UCB physics alumni. SPS frequently hosts panels handling such diverse hot-button issues as succeeding at the GRE, carving out a path in industry, and obtaining research. We work fervently to help students in our department survive and thrive in what may feel at times like an unfamiliar environment.

Highlight Reel

Industry Panel

Sabrina moderates an industry panel, wherein panelists Michael Girard, Harry Bachrach, Kathryn Chu, and Professor Jessica Lu (Department of Astronomy) describe their experiences in the workforce.

Summer Research Panel

Mayia, Ivan, Julia, and Nicholas describe various summer research opportunities that they participated in. Thanks to their efforts, onlookers will be sure to direct their torrent of emails and applications in a more efficient manner.

Undergraduate Research Panel

A research panel during which Imad, Josh, Amanda, and Caolan detail their experiences with undergraduate research in the physics and astrophysics departments. Good looking out!