Partner Organizations


The Compass Project is a fantastic organization that works to improve undergraduate physics education and assist undergraduates in professional development within the physical sciences! They host some really cool services like a summer program for incoming students, mentoring, and a research lecture series!


IGenSpectrum is a strong coalition dedicated to improving the visibility and professional preperation of LGBT physicists! Overall, the work hard to make our beloved physics department a more diverse and inclusive place! Also they have a really clever name!


The Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association are our friends from across the aisle in Evans Hall. They are another amazing organization which is best described as the mathematical equivalent of the Society of Physics Students! They host some really cool events such as a “Math Monday” Seminar and various ramen socials!

The STEMinist Chronicles

The STEMinist Chronicles is a periodical devoted to sharing the stories of the women in the physics department. They publish engaging blogs that give insight into ways that our department could be more inclusive! Definitely an awesome organization to check out!


The Society of Women in the Physical Sciences is an undergraduate student organization that aims to encourage women and minorities study the physical sciences! In particular, they offer mentoring for female students, participate in outreach, host scientific seminars, and also have a blog that details awesome work being by women in STEM!


The Undergraduate Astronomy Society is the community of friends from across bridge and are basically the Astro equivalent of the Society of Physics Students! They host some cool stargazing events and provide some really cool resources for intended and declared astro majors!


The Undergraduate Laboratory is a monstrously large organization that provides a platform to conduct completely student led research along with other ULAB members! In fact, there are often several student research groups dedicated to working out problems in the physical sciences!