American Physicists' Tournament

December 7-8, 2019

Students from the SPS chapters at Rice University, UC Merced, and UC Berkeley came together during a two-day event where they battled over several intriguing physics-based problems!


  1. Rice University (150.15): Matheus Barbosa*, Chawit Kritpracha, Xinyun Lin, Qinyuan Zheng, Ayush Sachder
  2. UC Berkeley (141.75): Shantanu Kadam*, Miguel Ceja, Siddhant Mal, Brandon Abrego, Erika Hathaway, SIddhant Mehrotra (Fourier Transformers)
  3. UC Merced (116.8): Christina Valletta*, Zachary Mauri, Tony Nguyen, Steven Nguyen, Zen Unity, Ibrahim Abu-Hijleh
* = team captain
Reporter PointsOpposer PointsReviewer Points
Physics Fight 1
Rice University25.517.57.5
UC Berkeley22.5169.5
UC Merced17.25147.25
Physics Fight 2
Rice University25.516.58.25
UC Berkeley18.8517.58
UC Merced14.2514.57
Rice University26.4167
UC Berkeley25.814.88.8
UC Merced19.8166.75


Best Reporter: Matheus Barbosa (Problem 14, mean judge score: 8.8/10)

Best Opposer: Erika Hathaway & Matheus Barbosa (Problem 6 & 4, mean judge score: 8.75/10)

Best Reviewer: Shantanu Kadam (Problem 4, mean judge score: 9.5/10)


Thank you to these grad students, postdocs, professors, and scientists for sharing their time and critiques with us by judging solutions!

Volkar Koch, Ngoc Bui, Viktoriia Baibakova, Vlad Kozii, Elodie Resseguie, Daniel Eilbott, William Bernadier, Illan Halpern, Igor Molybog, Tianye Wang, Roger Huang, Stephen Grant, Chitraang Murdia, Ngoc Bui

The day of the tournament was very busy! These fine individuals made the magic happen!

Yonna Kim, Shaunak Modak, Aini Xu, Charlie Cummings, Wendy Wan, Rahul Sahay

And of course, where would we be without our fine SPS officers who organized the entire event? From lunches to scheduling, they orchestrated everything!

Yonna Kim, Siddhant Mehrotra