American Physicists' Tournament

December ?, 2018

The inception of the American Physicists’ Tournament is the Big Bang of UC Berkeley SPS’s competitions. While the tournament did indeed take place, all evidence of it has mysteriously vanished and is incredibly elusive, even to the trained eye. Come, let us explore the beginnings…


  1. UC Berkeley (???): Anthony Khodanian*, Guillaume Shippee, Jaime Zendejas, Miguel Ceja, Shantanu Kadam, Xuyang Yu (Dr. Hamiltonian and the Quantets)
* = team captain


Some surprising evidence: there were judges! We extend our greatest thanks to these earliest of USPT supporters

Volkar Koch, Andrew Charman, ???

Deepest gratitude is extended to Dmytro Oliinychenko, a previous participant, team leader, & award winner of IPT. The USA representative for IPT for several years, Dmytro organized the first American Physicists’ Tournament at Berkeley, with the assistance of SPS officer Aini Xu.


While lacking in documentation, this tournament had a significant impact on many people, including the participants. New knowledge, comradery, and world experience was gained by the UC Berkeley team during the late nights in Campbell Hall and countless wanderings in Lausanne, Switzerland.