2021 UC Physics Hackathon

March 27th - 28th, 2021

Problems document



Recordings of presentations can be found here on Youtube.

  1. Snehaa Ganesh and Pablo Castaño (presentation,code)
  2. Tai Nguyen and Oscar Martinez (presentation,code)
  3. Benito Gonzalez and Dylan Herman (presentation,code)
  4. Alexander Galkin and Theodore Mackey (presentation,code)
  5. Storm Lin and Zach Sturgeon (presentation,code)
  6. Nachiket Girish and Youcan Liang (presentation,code)
  7. Sri Gudivada and Nicolas Albiani (presentation,code)
  8. Pragyan Pandey and Suprav Goswami (presentation,code)
  9. Tiffany Soetojo and Justin Burzachiello (presentation,code)
  10. Ananda Guha and Cassidy Lee (presentation,code)
  11. Sahil Bhalla and Selim Zoorob (presentation,code)
  12. Montu Ganesh and Collin Brahana (presentation,code)
  13. Bingxu Meng and Vivian Gao (presentation,code)
  14. Ronan Alam and Bryan Chang (presentation,code)
Scores were incredibly close between all participants, coming down to the 2nd or 3rd decimal place!!


We’re indebted to these individuals for making this hackathon accessible to the undergraduate populations at their UC campus:
Benito Gonzalez (Santa Barbara), Hannah Lee and Aaron Chen (Riverside), Mayia Vranas (San Diego), Mark Rojas at (Irvine)